2018 Battlenotes:

Division I

Division II

Division III

What are Battlenotes?  (A quick explanation)

For those that don’t know, each Division keeps an ever-evolving list of the season’s best performances per event.  To make the untitled shoot-1615Battlenotes for your respective Division, an athlete must at least meet their Divisional State Championship Provisional Standard for their event.  Each event has a provisional and an automatic Standard.  If an athlete meets an event’s automatic standard, they have automatically qualified for their Division Championships.  The spot in their respective event is their’s if they want it.

However, if an athlete meets an event’s provisional standard, they will be placed on that event’s provisional list.  The list is used to fill each field to its maximum (18 total on a 6-lane track or 16 total on an 8-lane track) after the automatic qualifiers declare entry or scratch from the event.  At times, only a few that make it from the provisional list, while other times the entire list will be accepted.  One way to explain to provisional qualifiers their predicament in relation to competing in the Divisional meet, is “provided” there are not more than 18 athletes (on a 6-lane track) who have a better mark/time than them and accept entry, they will compete.  All of this is sorted out at each Division’s Seeding Meeting a few days prior to the Divisional Championships (later post!).

Reminders for Coaches:

  1. Please submit your qualifiers to Battlenotes via DirectAthletics. It appears on your schedule as: “2018 NHIAA Division Outdoor Battlenotes & Entries”. It does not reflect well on the coach when a school is not represented.
  2. Please convert hand times to FAT by adding .24.
  3. Hand times should always be rounded UP to the next tenth.  A time should never be rounded down to the nearest tenth.  For example, even if the time is 24.31, the time should be rounded up to 24.4. And the 24.4 is then entered as 24.64.

Links to the most recent battlenotes (when available) can be found on the top left side of our site.

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