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Meet Hub: NHIAA Division Championships!

The weekend everyone has been shooting for is fast approaching! The NHIAA Divisional Championships will be taking place all at UNH’s Wildcat Stadium Friday through Saturday!   That’s right, the sight of the 2018 New Englands, which broke records, is now primed to host NH’s State Divisional Championships (and next weekend’s MOCs!).  This hub is your one click stop to access everything throughout the weekend and after. New this year is we are offering free livestream for all divisions in collaboration with UNH.  The live broadcast will be available here, but also on the huge scoreboard on site! Our friends at Lancer Timing will be offering live results.  To get you ready, we have links to Battlenotes and then the performance lists (once they are ready, thanks Lancer Timing), Divisional and State Records and our previews.  We would like to give humongous shout-outs to the NHIAA, UNH, Lancer Timing, and our state officials for making this awesome weekend possible.  Good luck to all athletes and coaches!

LIVE RESULTS courtesy of LancerTiming

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